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care reform, one of the authors of this bill, mr. waxman, the ranking member of energy and commerce, from california. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california is recognized. mr. waxman: i thank the gentleman for yielding to me. the truth of the matter is no matter how many votes the republicans cast to repeal the affordable care act, and no matter how many distortions they spread about the law, there are some facts they cannot change. they cannot change the fact that because the affordable care act nobody in america can ever again be denied health insurance because they have a pre-existing condition. they cannot change the fact that a woman can never be charged more than a man for the same coverage. they cannot change the fact that a family will never again be left without coverage just because their child's hospital bills got too high. these facts are stubborn. they are inconvenient for my republican colleagues, so they ignore them and they deny them. republicans have voted or will today 50 times to try to take away the basic security and freedom guaranteed by the aff
and the guy that's supplying the energy for the united states? >> host: where did you read they pay for leasing of the land and taxes? >> caller: that's just on the internet. >> host: zachary goldfarb, the oil companies and gas company to pay taxes and they do have to pay the federal government to lease these lands. >> guest: that's right. the reason the government thinks is there is its multiple. first, the government belief these are public lands in many cases and some some of the benefits of that oil and gas should spread the people in those committees and around the country and not just into the pockets of the company. secondly, there is enforcement, environmental regulations in terms of government oversight when you do natural resource billing and exploration in the united states to protect in private, natural habitats and so forth. that needs to be paid for as well. i think the funds and licensing fees go to that support. >> host: freelancer on twitter, how much debt did bush leave? i read 11.5 trillion spent in eight years and the gop act like they have nothing to do with the
. it is a loan guarantee. it still needs approval by congress. it would help cover some of the energy costs in the ukraine, because they would be losing probably the energy subsidies they get from russia. they are also talking about sending technical advisors in a whole host of areas first to work with the central bank and finance ministry, also to train election monitors, there is the hope there could be an election in may in ukraine. and the hope is that the u.s. can train monitors to ensure that is a free and fair election. and they also want to send technical advisors to help ukraine identify and recover any stolen assets we have heard about president yanukovych and the oligark, spirit billions of dollars out of the country. the administration has been saying that it has a wide host of sanctions that it can consider. they would be done through presidential executive order. they have already taken some diplomatic steps. they have pulled back on preparations for the g-8 summit. they have canceled trade talks. and what they are talking about as far as further sanctions could be the freezin
of their energy supplies and actually we have seen a significant recession in european leadership over the last ten to 20 years. but we need to act and we need to speak up in favor of the people who are now being overtaken in crimea by vladimir putin's army, his military. and i worry and -- in conclusion i say it's time we woke up about vladimir putin. it's time that this administration got real. and it's also time for us to worry about what vladimir putin will do on eastern ukraine on the pretext that somehow disorder and demonstrations might require russian presence. and my friends, if we allow mr. putin to assert his authority over these areas because of russian-speaking people, that message is not lost on poland, where there's russian population, on romania, on latvia, estonia, lithuania and moldova, and we are on the verge possibly of seeing a move to reassert the old russian empire, which is mr. putin's lifelong ambition. madam president, i've overstayed my time. i thank my colleague from alabama and i yield the floor. the presiding officer: madam president? the presiding officer: the sen
and offered general goals on taxes, trade, energy, and regulatory curves. pointing outl keep the upbeat economic outlook. >> let me jump in. we know congressional hearings on the budget again next week, including one wednesday with the finance committee chairman wyden. >> talking about breathing room for more -- he is new to the tax-writing panel. he has his own ideas about tax policy. again, it is a forum for airing ideas about the broader economy. you want be seeing the summit -- their democrats be doing own budget plan. the field the december agreement .ut the spending caps in place the republicans will do their own plan, which will contrast with the administration's blueprint. house republicans met and talked about alternatives to the health care law. next week, there is a bill scheduled. what about the bill and what is the current republican strategy? >> they obviously still object to obamacare. i think they have moved away from trying to repeal it. now they are going after individual pieces. the measure coming up next week has the same effect the bill the house passed has. it draw
to help offset expected increases in energy costs coming from russia, as russia continues to try to squeeze them. there's a lot of interest in his reaction to what vladimir putin said. he would have gotten a readout by now, but has been on a pretty busy schedule, the emotional trip through the square, where he lit a candle and visited the shrine to those who fell to snipers' bullets, so he didn't see it himself, we were on the plane overnight flying when putin was speaking, but contrary to all of the u.s. pressure for him to take the off-ramp and exit -- >> we've, obviously, lost our connection to andrea mitchell, but, of course, we'll have the very latest information she brings to us, again, in about 15 minutes, we will hear from secretary kerry. meanwhile, let me bring in nbc's ian williams, also in the ukrainian capital of kiev and what's happening on the ground there, in particular the crimea region. ian, what is the latest you are seeing? >> reporter: hi, tamron. well, just to pick up from what andrea was saying, it's going to be interesting to see what kerry has to say, how
will join us to talk about the future of energy when we return in just a moment. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. predibut, manufacturings a prettin the united states do. means advanced technology. we learned that technology allows us to be craft oriented. no one's losing their job. there's no beer robot that has suddenly chased them out. the technology is actually creating new jobs. siemens designed and built the right tools and resources to get the job done. >>> welcome back to "squawk box," everybody. i'm becky quick. we have your morning headlines today. mt. gox filed for bankruptcy protection. that announcement came at a tokyo news conference at which mt. gox ceo apologized for the bitcoin exchange's problems. he said mt. gox may have lost nearly $500 million because of bitcoins because of a hacking into their system. wow. >> you pulled a sorkin. >> i know. i saw you catch me. >> is that what it's going to be called, a sorkin. >> skip the name. >> skip the name. say ceo. what difference does it ma
has baggage from the past. she was involved in the energy industry with her husband and some people say she was corrupt. so the problem with ukraine has always been corruption. it is a very corrupt country. has history of corruption dates back to the soviet union but continues since the demise of the soviet union. for that reason it maybe easierr russian puppets of, other puppets of the old soviet union to say, we need to go in there and we need russian troops to make sure that this country doesn't dissolve into chaos. gerri: that is obviously a possibility. let's bring in back ashley webster who is following the story closely. ashley, do you see conflict? do you see dissolution? what do you see in your crystal ball? >> this is a different cut one and as david said what are we calling this? is this an invasion? certainly appears that way but who are the troops in unidentified uniforms? as i said earlier there are those who speculate, everyone does that when she these events move at such a fast pace, private security firm that the kremlin uses from time to time and uses them to take
program and washington said it should be allowed to produce energy. mr. obama will hold a similar meeting with the president in two weeks. orthodox jews were in west jerusalem over the weekend. they were protesting a law being debated in the israeli parliament with men to be drafted into military service and orthodox jews have been exempt and they want to keep it that way. >> it's important to tell the state of isreal that we are opposed to their political philosophies that we feel that the contribution that the elements of society are making will help the army and through our contributions and the religious spectrum we are arm and arm with the army, helping the state of israel. >> reporter: the new legislation is expected to pass in the next few weeks. ultra orthodox jews makeup 10% of israel's population. a california state lawmaker facing corruption charges says he is taking a paid leave of absence and he is accused of accepting about 100,000 in bribes including meals and golf games in exchange for his political influence. he is pleading not guilty. and he is the second california sta
't been more aggressive with regards to russia. it's because of their energy dependance on russia. one-third of the national gas coming from russia ironically through ukraine. and you made a very important point there, we know in many cases oligarch has ties to london and that's why the uk, too, may not want to be more active than someone else. i think the eu is going to remain pretty passive here and they will continue to find a peaceful and diplomatic way to solve this crisis. >> certainly something that angela merkel and the germans have been pushing for over the last couple of days. we'll come back to you later in the show. joining us now is benwa ann from societe generale. you were saying yesterday that we need to take a central strategy here particularly where central europe is concerned. has your view changed given what we've heard about the troops in russia right now? >> the situation remains quite volatile. so it's probably too early to make a final call on this, as we discussed earlier the situation is evolving and we are still in much more on the bull markets. but you're rig
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is announcing a $1 billion energy subsidy package. moscow amid worries that was ready to stretch its military rich further into the mainland. your reaction? guest: is a good sign the tangible support. it is important to remember that the united states along with russia and great written in 1994 -- in great britain in 1994 made certain assurances to the ukraine, and russia is now in violation. they need to respond to support ukraine and look for ways to in allies russia until they cease military action. host: president vladimir putin back, but saides that russia reserves the right to protect russians in the country and he accused the u.s. of encouraging an unconstitutional he hopes russia will not need to use force in predominantly russian-speaking eastern ukraine . guest: there is a certain irony there. first of all, president vladimir when the agreement was signed, the russian representative refused to witness it. .here is a certain irony it has not been carried out because viktor yanukovych fled to russia. host: let's start with mario in connecticut on the line for democrats. good m
and can fund the development of a lot of energy infrastructure, that will drive road, rail, and other transportation infrastructure we're talking about. you need a private sector impetus. dry?sentially the pot is the piggy bank is empty? >> it pretty much is. highway funding is done. vehicle miles traveled have been dropping. gas tax revenues are falling. the need for a public-private partnership. you have private money coupled with public management. why can't we get that done? >> that does happen. but the economic incentive has to be there. we start natural gas exports and crude oil exports. the prices equalize between the center of the u.s. where the crude oil piles up in barrels and the rest of the world -- you can have it better environment for private investment and international energy agency's have estimated that it is in the trillions of dollars, the infrastructure investment, to man come in to develop our resources of energy in the u.s.. do investors look at president obama's infrastructure proposal with any degree of belief or is it something that they say it has been propo
be to europe's economy if this thing escalates. russia a major energy supplier for europe. remember, that region is only beginning to emerge from a long recession. >> and europe dependent on russia, which is why many of these european countries seem to be dragging their feet right now to implement some of the sanctions that the united states might like to see. >> and russia dependent on europe. it needs to be paid for the gas it gives them. the russian economy has been moving, you know, in a negative way, i would say, over the past six months or so. they need each other. >> and a lot happened in russia yesterday. the market's staggering losses. >> unbelievable. >> but the price of oil and gas going up, which does benefit russia. >> right. >> they may be able to survive this for some time. >> a lot of pieces on this chess board. >> indeed. >>> happening today back in washington, president obama set to unveil his 2015 budget proposal, complete with tens of billions of dollars in additional spending for education, job training, also the military. the proposal does call for extending so
on the gaspron export account with his for gazprom, the giant energy company majority controlled by the russian government. they were working both those accounts and setting up both. that's how it works in washington. >> are they all american citizens? >> they are, as far as i can tell. we called all of these firms for comments. none would call us back except for maslansky, who said they didn't see anything wrong working for the russians. we didn't have a chance to ask key questions like that, but looking at the bios on a lot of these web sites, it does appear that the majority of them are american citizens. >> if they're not, we can throw them out. this leads to another point i made at the top of the show. people coming in from russia or wherever, and i'm especially thinking about the oligarchs, who like to travel freely, there's the act that allows personal sanctions or revoke visas. basically either throw foreigners out or not let them in. the president has the authority. that bill was passed just a couple years ago. now it could be a powerful weapon. >> what is interesting here is the forei
crush the ukrainian oligarchs. they can cut off the energy to ukraine. if putin does not want to use leverage to support secession is financial levers over the medium-term to make ukraine the losers. >> what is the possibility of civil war? >> i think it is low in the near term. today, the most interesting news to me has come out of crimea where the russians have a base and naval infantry division. there were riots -- demonstrations that looked a little like riots. they were not violent. they forced the town council there to get rid of their mayor and except a russian citizen as their mayor. they also flew some russian flags. that shows their disposition. the crimean people, the majority of them have no interest in being a part of ukraine. if the russians want to stir up trouble, that's where they can do it. in the near-term, i don't think the russians will push that. if they push for civil war, you will have a republic of western ukraine is going to want to join nato imminently. outia makes a lot of money of transiting angie -- energy through ukraine and if they cannot do that, that
this power plant can produce enough energy for about 600,000 homes. generating electricity that's cleaner and reliable, with fewer emissions-- it matters. ♪ >>> it looks like russian forces are consolidating on crimean. up to 12 trucks of russian troops have crossed into the eastern city of kerch from russia and the movement is being described by ferry. how far will russia go? the retired u.s. army general is joining me. thanks for coming in. if you take a look at russian forces versus ukrainian forces, 845,000 russian troops, 129,000 russian troops, tanks, two to one, combat aircraft, nearly 1400. russian combat aircraft, 221. there's no match. >> no. >> between those two militaries. so if it came down to a war between ukraine and russia, it's over. >> but ukraine has -- is part of a much larger organization in the european community and i don't think it would just be russia against ukraine. >> let's talk about that. let's hope the russias don't decide to move beyond crime and move eastward toward kiev arguing that the president yanukovych, he's still the president, he needs help to --
between russia, ukraine, and germany with a flow of energy? >> that is really the threat point that russia has in all of this, is europe is crucially dependent on natural gas, most of which comes from russia. that is always the -- obviously, russia needs to sell the natural gas, too. so far, that is why it has been stable. >> there's a terrific book "command and control" about the u.s. history and the disturbing -- clearly still on the minds of germans. >> casting a long shadow of the history. we will be back and talk about real estate. how can a real estate company survive commission-free? that is coming up next on "bloomberg surveillance." ♪ >> this is "bloomberg surveillance." let's get you some company news. a hiring spree in asia. they have hired hundreds of engineers and supply chain managers in china and taiwan. triesring comes as apple to speed product development and introduce a wider range of devices. ebay director firing back at carl icahn saying he recused himself from deal talks when ebay sold skype to a group of investors that included his venture firm. carl icahn has accus
that give energy to cells that don't work right. that in itself is not the road to eugenics and picking the traits of our children. what it is, however, is breaking a rule. that rule was we wouldn't make changes that would be passed on generation to generation. that is happening. these changes in the embryo that results from all this transfer of stuff be will go on and on to future generations. so i support the technique trying to fix genetic diseases in kids by doing genetic engineering seems to me not only ethical but noble. got to be sure it's safe. got to be sure you've done it enough in animals to make sure you have a reasonable chance it will work. do i worry about getting to a future where we get smarter, stronger, taller babies? i do. but i wouldn't hold these kids hostage to worries about that future. >> now to step back a little, a different technique that also combined dna from three parents was used in 2001 and it was at the time considered a success. there were several children, several dozen who were born using that process. it was later banned over ethical concerns. did t
's not alone. >> hopefully put some good energy into the world and get something back. >> this club has been around for years and several dozen former members are now working. aljazeera, new york. >> to learn more about job clubs and how they can help you, go to our website >> in an hour, we'll get the latest reading on economic growth. governments to slash estimates for 2013. consumers cutting back on their spending. the slowdown in the global economy taking its toll on exports. >> the strength in u.s. manufacturing's going to have to come domesticically. we're not going to see exports grow as strongly as the fourth quarter of 2013, putting strain on manufacturing, along with the turn in the u.s. inventory cycle. >> we'll have the gross domestic product report four in our next hour here on aljazeera america. >> wall street is pointing to a lower open ahead of data, dow futures down 22 points. fed chair janet yellen soothing economy concerns yesterday gave stocks a lift, the dow beginning at 16,272, the s&p beginning with a new record high, 1854 and the nasdaq at 431
to broaden this conflict into those regions which are on the transit suits then we could see energy prices in europe. >> reporter: it depends on russia natural gas and infrastructure of pipes that brings it in from russia and through the ukraine. europe tried to diversify a way by divesting in pipelines to the caspean sea and africa and gas fields in norway but growth for natural gas will eat up much of the new potential supply. >> europe is primarily still pipeline gas market because the domestic supply from these critical producers are declining that really the pipeline supplies that will be available for europe will be largely from russia gas. >> reporter: european leaders understand this and they are calling for dialog with not sanctions against russia. >> reporter: the throat of economic sanctions is taking a toll on the currency and hit a record low on monday. 36.37 rubels against the dollar. we will continue following the events in ukraine as they unfold. in our next hour we will get the russian perspective from a former advisor to the kremlin and you can get up to the minute info
energy and effort of our administration is going into this discussion right now. and the president has taken no option off the table. >> let me ask you about north korea because the u.n. has exposed for all to see the horrors of those death camps, the prison camps in north korea, the human rights wing of the u.n. is taking it up in geneva. a former prison guard testified that he witnessed dogs attacking five children. two of the children survived the attacks by the dog and were buried alive. how -- how much longer can this go on with china protecting its client, north korea, and the u.n. not recommending that the leaders of north korea be taken to the world court? and prosecuted if they could possibly be captured? >> well, i think that -- i think that every aspect of that report is a huge human -- is a huge service to all of us. and i applaud the report. north korea is one of the most closed and cruel places on earth. there's no question about it. there's evil that is taking place there that all of us aught to be deeply and are deeply concerned about. i just came back from china. the p
steps to reform the economy principally in the energy sector, to merit the loans from the international community. >> ambassador, it's good to have you on the program, thanks very much for your insight. >> thank you very much. >> coming up. how a united nations official is describing a refugee camp in syria. >>> the army punishes hundreds of soldiers after a sexual assault review. >> plus drowt relief, california getting so much rain and needed rain, needed for farmers but too much of a good thing could be bad. >> now to charges of misconduct within the u.s. military. hundreds of soldiers disqualified from sensitive positions after being linked to a series of infractions. john terret here. john. >> members of the military who have been charged with helping fellow soldiers, coping with sexual harassment and rape. the number of personnel disqualified from counseling far higher than it had previously acknowledged. >> last summer, the army said it was disqualifying, from child abuse and drunk driving that was after an initial review ordered by defense secretary chuck hagel. after almost a y
states will then have to submit all policies on energy, climate, shaping the market. if these policies contribute to bolstering europe's economic strength or not. european policies are to improve the framework for initiative, innovation, entrepreneurship and employment. this means that we need to cut unnecessary red tape at the european level that hampers our companies in germany just as in the united kingdom. we always have to measure up with the best of them in the world. therefore, european rules and regulations need to be subject to regular reviews just national rules and regulations. should they prove to be superfluous, they have to be scrapped. this is why we have seen to it that the european commission finally takes the issue of better regulation seriously and acts on it. the european commission may only regulate where member states have not passed sufficient regulations themselves. the principal needs to be respected more in europe. it is in this spirit that britain and germany ought to set priorities for the work of the future commission together with our partners. we are grat
are producing more energy than ever before and we are thating climate pollution threatens the future of our children and our grandchildren. so we've made progress, and that's why i believe this can be a breakthrough year for america. after five years of great and determined effort, no other country is better positioned for the 21st century. that's not just my opinion. you talk to big investors, you talk to ceo's, you talk to leaders of other countries and they look at us and say, you have so much going for you. but we all know we've still got more to do. we've got work to do, because the trends that have battered the middle class for decades have not been reversed. in some cases they have grown starker. after four and half years of economic growth, corporate havets, stock prices, they really been higher, those at the top have never done better. but average wages have barely budged. too many middle-class families are working harder than ever and are treading water. many families cannot seem to work their way into the middle class at all. areladders of opportunity now the roving -- are now er
russia to europe, and europe gets an awful lot of its energy from russia via that pipeline. now for the russians, it's not just economic. it's not geopolitical. it is cultural. this is the birthplace of the russian state. this is where the russians began or what would eventually become the russians began their campaign to free themselves from the monguls back in centuries ago. so there is a cultural tie there. this all comes back in many ways to this fight between the west and the east. and there is just very strong sentiment from vladimir putin in particular, that he wants to re-establish an eurasiaen power, with a political system. this territory. this patch of ground is just located in such an area, tony, that it is fought over for centuries, and it remains a question whether it's european or russian. >> thank you. we'll bring that into sharp relief in just a moment. phil ittner for us in russia. and we'll look at how the ukraine history is effecting the current crisis. >> before we take a look at the peninsula, let's look at centuries ago. long holding influence over the ent
the northern plains and the upper midwest. so our storm system, part of the energy is going to make its way out into the plains and give us over a foot of snow and, of course, heavy downpours for the southern california area. across the plains, great lakes, across the northeast, that's where the next storm system, next round of snow is going to end up and you're going to see the potential for icing. an ice storm across the ohio river valley, the tennessee river valley over the next 12 to 24 hours. south of st. louis through nashville, mid-atlantic, south of d.c., that's where we're going to see that icing and then north of that significant snow. we'll keep you posted. multifaceted storm that originates across the midwest. >> thank you so much. >> you go it. >>> senate majority leader harry reid is igniting a huge firestorm saying that stories told by president obama is just lies looking to grab headlines. republicans are hitting back and says that every week the administration seems to break another promise about obamacare. elizabeth brand has that story from washington. >> white house press se
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europe needs a lot of infrastructure investment, whether it is energy or highways or other forms of infrastructure to make europe a leading economic zone in the world. for this infrastructure investment, you need investors who can trust what is going on. therefore, i think it is a very crucial discussion, and that governments and super organizations in europe give this trust to long-term investors. >> mr. wemmer, it has been good talking to you. thank you for your time. dieter wemmer the ceo of allianz , europe's world largest insurer, which issued a profit warning. >> lego is one of the best-known toy companies and perhaps the most dynamic, more than tripling profit in the full-year of 2012. today we will get an update on the performance from 2013. david tweed is in lego's home town in denmark. they are having success, but not always the case. how do they turn around? >> we were talking earlier how the new chief executive, a 34-year-old, came into the company and he asked fundamental questions. the main question being, what is lego? he actually looked at the company and realize
river until testing. they urge residents not to eat from the river, either. a duke energy power plant leaked more than 80,000 tons of sludge into the river. the federal government is launching a criminal investigation now into the spill. >> there have been huge strides made in the battle against childhood obesity, our children slimming down. >> we're talking about preschool age kids. >> that's right, toddlers, kindergarteners, kids ages two to five. it's a significant age group, because doctors say children who are overweight that young are more likely to be overweight as duties. let's show you the strides made in the last decade. obesity rates for children dropped 43% from 14% 10 years ago to about 8% between 2011 and 2012. food and health activists are praising the progress. >> what's amazing is that it seems like some of the initiatives happening are actually working. whether that's parents buying and serving food to their children or early intervention, things like breastfeeding and the reduction of sugary drinks are actually working, which is great news for the whole country. >>
're talking about cereals to energy drinks. companies have two years to put them into effect. >> this makes so much sense, because so many of us have been looking at portion sizes. nobody eats two cookies. >> nobody. >> it's going to cost money. >> it is estimated $2 billion to do this changeover. >> all this coming when we have a major obesity epidemic. >> one third of adults are obese. that is a serious number. the end goal is to inform the public. >> you asked me if i read the labels. i didn't always. i still do. thanks a lot. >> arizona's governor vetoing that controversial bill over gay rights. the pressure put on her to reject the measure. >> ecrane's ousted pressure making a plea to russia, asking moscow to lend a helping hand. >> there are new rules put in place for this year's boston marathon, the steps being taken to make sure people are safer in the wake of last year's bombing. >> can a soccer ball change the world? >> literally, hundreds of millions of children every single day have nothing more than a rock to play with. >> find out how one man's vision became a reality that has im
insurance. but with less energy, moodiness, and a low sex drive, i had to do something. i saw my doctor. a blood test showed it was low testosterone, not age. we talked about axiron the only underarm low t treatment that can restore t levels to normal in about two weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant, and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these symptoms to your doctor. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer, worsening prostate symptoms, decreased sperm count, ankle, feet or body swelling, enlarged or painful breasts, problems breathing while sleeping and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. as
california. so that storm system is going to head east, and some of the energy from that system is going to help enhance another system out here that could potentially produce as much as 6-12 inch obviously snow from the northeast into parts of hid west and ice -- midwest and ice accumulation another big concern as well, bill. bill: can't wait til march which is tomorrow. >> yeah. maybe late march will bring better news. bill: maria, we pulled this image off of in noaa, the web site. this is a satellite image of the great lakes that maria was just talking about. look at this? i mean, everything's frozen. this is lake superior up here, here's lake huron, lake michigan on the left and lake erie and the zoom function is lake ontario. it has been about 18 or 20 years suns we've seen an image like this, but this just looks cold. it looks like the arctic. it looks like the north pole. you want to go there? we were just talking to michele bachmann who's going to minnesota later today. she says it's 11 below. martha: it does, it looks exactly like the way you would picture the north pole. lake e
it is manipulating the energy supply, or banning the best chocolates made in ukraine. the fact is, this is a 21st century. and we should not see nations step backwards to behave in 19th or 20th century fashion. there are ways to resolve these differences. great nations choose to do that appropriately. the fact is that we believe that there are a set of options available to russia and all of us that can move us down the road of appropriate diploma sir, appropriate diplomatic engagement. we invite russia to come to that table. we invite particularly russia to engage directly with the government of ukraine because i am confident they are prepared to help work through these issues in a thoughtful way. i'm very proud to be here in ukraine. like some americans and other people around the world we've watched with extraordinary awe the power of individuals unarmed, except with ideas. people with beliefs and principles and values, who have reached for freedom, for equality, for opportunity. there is nothing more important in this world. that is what drives change in so many parts of the world today. it is
in america. so far bureau launched four of these hubs where workers could printing, energy-efficient electronics, light weight metals, and digital manufacturing. technologies that could help ensure a steady stream of good jobs well into the 21st century. on wednesday, i launched a new, titian to build a 21st century infrastructure. transit, bridges, mass more efficient ports, and faster passenger rails. rebuilding america will not just attract businesses, it will create more construction jobs that cannot be shipped overseas. congress could make an even bigger difference in both areas. thanks to the leadership of a bipartisan group of lawmakers, there is a ill in congress right now that will create an entire network of high tech manufacturing hubs all across the country. next week, i will send congress a budget that will rebuild our transportation systems and support millions of jobs nationwide. there is a lot we could do if we work together. while congress decides what it is going to do, i am going to keep doing everything in my power to rebuild an economy where everybody w
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